DavinciJ15 – Buying Bitcoin HERE! $16'000 IMMINENT!? + Alts

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DavinciJ15 – Buying Bitcoin HERE! $16’000 IMMINENT!? + Alts

Davinci was awake the whole night checking out where to buy Bitcoin and if it will be going to $16’000. So is that Price IMMINENT? We will aslo cover some Altcoins!

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DavinciJ15 – Buying Bitcoin HERE! $16’000 IMMINENT!? + Alts

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  1. Haha, you guys are funny. Thanks for the vid. I really hope you are right about litecoin, but I think 200 is all I dare to dream of as a quick move. 😀

  2. fundamental analysis for BTC, highest hashrate of all times, TX speed still 5-7 tps, everyone is hoarding BTC and waiting 100k to dump and so I guess not a lot of people are gonna use it for daily stuff

  3. great video as always divincij15 your a living legend you should be inducted into bitcoin hall of fame….im curious on your thoughts on NRG coin

  4. i saw another video where the youtuber color coded the different phases of bitcoin….bear market, accumulation, expansion (that parabolic rise to 13k), re-accumulation phase (where we are now) – and we should buy as much as we can before the last phase –> the BULL RUN like the last one that reached 20k….and we should pass the 20k and go up to who knows where

  5. Thanks guys you’re both amazing love you guys favorite channel! I’m new watch a couple of my latest videos and tell me what you think that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED… hopefully I’ll get some more subscribers. Thanks again

  6. 24h Vol:  $61,694,110,818  at and  Market Cap:  $327,848,372,757     .Think by time when the market cap is between 280 and 300 its not the time to sell but to buy on a 10 to 25% dip on a coin if you like it hard times ahead as we are in 50/50 zone as nobody knows if we are going up or down

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