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  1. Sounds like a high school kid reviewing this. Also I don’t think you know the meaning of bugger otherwise this video would of been pulled down years ago

  2. I’m playing this game for the first time in 2018
    And I LOVE the spritework and the 3D camera makes the proceedings very VERY charming

  3. Anyone going through and watching old ign reviews? Idk their old presentation style gives me a weird nostalgia.

  4. "For the first time ever, a console has had 2 core pokemon games in its lifespan" is this kid serious? EVERY console has had 2 core pokemon games in its lifespan…. gameboy had r/b/y and g/s/c, Technically you could call gold and silver "color" but they were the equivalent of dx carts and would still play on a dmg/pocket.

    Gba had r/s/e, and fr/lg, yeah there were remakes….but still.

    This kid needs to get his facts straight

  5. This game is an abomination to the series in my opinion!

    Those are not Pokémon, they’re rejected Mist fiends from Final Fantasy 9 which have been dug up from the trash and recycled as Pokémon.

  6. Who else really liked these Pokemon and thought these were some of the best. Bisharp, hydreign, Landorous, Superior, ect.

  7. I loved pokemon black and white when pokemon X and Y came out i started to miss the pixelated graphics alot so this Christmas i might be getting pokemon black or pokemon soul silver im not sure( SO CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE HELP ME) sorry i wrote in CAP i thought you wouldnt see what i wrote

    Vote Please

    Pokemon Soul Silver

    Or Pokemon White

  8. i have played all other pokemon games but not a gen 5 game. Should i skip black and white and buy BW 2.
    What will i miss and is it worth it ? (i am pretty sure i will buy the first ones even if i buy BW2) help

  9. Bad designs they say? What about Zebstrika, Hydreigon, Haxorous, Zoroark, Genesect, Bisharp, Serperior, Zekrom, Reshiram, and Carracosta?

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