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  1. Yes but I agree it will be hard to do unless you made it less action adventure and more gritty thriller. Less Spidey acrobatics 🙁

  2. If it's his last movie (and I hope it isn't.) Spidey has to do something big. He'll have to team up with Tobey, (and maybe Andrew Garfield) Spidermen to take down the sinsiter 6. Think about it. Tom has Vulture and Mysterio. Tobey has Sandman. Andrew has Rhino and Goblin. Throw the Scorpion in and boom. Sinister 6 while also making all the older Spider-Man film's relevant again.

  3. Kraven the hunter is the wrong choice he put his girlfriend in danger in the lions cage to hunt Spider-Man and Spider-Man told him his girlfriends in danger and kraven the hunter comes to his senses to save her and pretty much do the shocker he is a villain that works and he uses a battery pack to control his powers he’s the perfect choice because the shocker is a hired thug

  4. Kingpin is so incredibly overdue. The Daredevil series already has the perfect actor and character set up for the story.

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