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  1. So far this is what I see
    -White buttons and joystick prone to dirt and becoming yellow.
    -awkward right joystick placement
    -no black border around screen
    -bad colors
    -no motion controls
    -no IR camera
    -no HD Rumble
    -no kickstand
    -no tv output
    -smaller screen causing eye strain
    -you cant throw just the tablet in the bag and put the joycons in a safer spot like the og switch because they are attached and will cause joystick to get dirty cause its made of rubber and rubber collects dirt.
    -controllers aren’t replaceable, there have been many joy cons with faulty hardware or stops working due to damage, joy cons would be easy to replace but this would not be.

    I think the og switch is the way to go.

  2. I might buy the Lite version because it's cheaper. Don't get me wrong, i don't hate the docks, i just don't see the reason to use it imo. I would say the docks is for family and my family is not into games so i don't see the reason to use it. Heck, it save my electric bill.

  3. I was like if its cheap I'll get it but with that price I may as well get a proper switch as it is only a little bit more for more features. What a waste

  4. Sooooo they took mostly everything that we love from the switch, and probably this product will cost most than the old switch. I think it is not worth buying it .

  5. Next month: Nintendo Switch Docked. The Nintendo Switch that is dedicated for playing on your television and takes away the portability.

  6. I don’t like it cause it ruins the original purpose of the switch which is to be able to play not just hand held but also on a TV, this is just a ds on a Wii U gamepad screen

  7. Great! acording to this trailer, Lets NOT DO any phisycal activity or socialize at all and just play video games instead.

  8. They made this for Pokémon fans who needed a cheaper option because no one wants to buy that console just to play Pokémon, which is most often a handheld game. Which also means it opens up the market for me because I was dreading buying a Nintendo Switch just for one game that I care about.

  9. He just praised the switch for having all these versatile features, and now here is the lite with none of those features… BUT LOOK AT THE COLORS!!!!!

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