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  1. The TV is occupied in my house most of the time so I ended up playing my Wii U on the gamepad 90% of the time. I'm glad I have this to consider now, I could care less about playing on the TV

  2. I would love to see a breath of the wild bundle the system works like the sheikah slate it comes with a pre-installed breath of the Wild

  3. Definitely depends what games you play, I play everything in handheld except for Mario kart and smash witch are coach coop TV musts!! For those games I need full switch, but the lite makes sense

  4. The screen should be 1080 if handheld is the only option, and a better battery of course, this is a very inferior version for only 100$ less.

  5. I love how people think $100 is a HUGE saving for a LITE version when you can't even get 2 (main frontline) first-party games for that price. I'd agree it's a great deal if not for all the lack of features and support. If I can wait long enough to save up $200, I can wait another month or so to earn the remaining $100 and get the full product as apposed to this lite reject which might as well be as featureless as an Ali-Express knock-off version.

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