Boosted Rev: The Tesla of Electric Scooters!

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Boosted made a scooter. It’s impressive, expensive and fun! Boosted Rev: Xiaomi’s $400 scooter: MKBHD Merch: …


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  1. Marques my man, at this point and with you range. Plz show some love to your audiance that aint in the US. What im trying to say is, it will be nice. If you could put directly the scales in the other Units. The US is the only country in the world, that aint using the metric system 🙂 
    In term of speed, milage and length…
    For the rest 22 Miles = 35 Km

  2. The fact that you can't ride it in the rain and that it costs $1600 makes me wonder what the target demographic really is? If you can't ride it in the rain, then it's not going to be a reliable means of commuting. And then what about locking it up?

  3. maybe i would buy one but the rev is not allowed on streets in switzerland. Max power 500w, 20km/h are allowed to drive on public streets.

  4. I'm pro-scooter. They're ideal for getting around in metropolitan/urban areas. And they save gas when you take short trips without driving a car.

  5. Might look expensive, but some flagship phones are coming very close to that price. If we think about it as a high end private mobility solution (no tube or bus or uber necessary), I think it's not that bad

  6. That was a pretty good review. I own a Ziaomi M365 scooter and find it's range to be about half of what I would like. When I get my car serviced in the city I like to spend about 3 hours traveling around the sights of the city. The scooter runs for about 1.5 hours so I spend a lot of time at cafe's. I don't think you should call this scooter the Tesla of scooters because typically Teslas run for longer than their competitors.

  7. lol… I thought you were that guy… you never introduce any girls in your life… I just thought you were that guy… well… at least you came out about it…

  8. "I drive in Ludicrous mode all the time. One time I sneezed while driving in Jersey City and the next thing I knew, I was in Manhattan. They call the hole I made the Holland Tunnel."

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