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  1. These stuff are very vintage technology, right now in the future we have contacts that we wear & it’s much more realistic then what these old ar systems used to do!

  2. I have always wondered if a "glove controller" could be made of sensors detecting the movement of your wrist and finger joints.

  3. Porn Hub should both Sponsor and Collaborate with Magic Leap …could you imagine!? It would be down to the NUB within days ☝??

    Of course I jest, I am not a W**KER!!

  4. im blind in my left eye…,,always have been..the oculus rift s is just like how i see the world. i was sooo glad i was able to see that…… i wonder with that display i would see it different

  5. This is a dead end product. They need to use neural networks and machine learning vision systems to do the mapping.

  6. This design is what VR should be aiming for in the next few years – the VR headsets are still way too big and cumbersome. But $2300? Fuck off.

  7. Great review. Realise its a bit old now but still, we are just starting to look at AR glasses for use with our game so its a useful review. Thanks!

  8. this product looks stupid. nothing made me want to go out and buy this thing.and your talking to a person that buy almost anything if its worth it

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