THE WALKING DEAD IN VIRTUAL REALITY! | Walking Dead: Onslaught VR (Gameplay/Commentary)

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  1. So there is a watch/health thing sticking out of the arm? Beams of light to grab items and neon trails when you swing! Come on designers! We want realistic zombie dammit!

  2. I'm always dubious when the devs feel the need to interject on previews / sneak peeks, but this one was actually pretty good. Great explanations, rather than trying to sell the game. Bravo. Not sure about that waving your hands to move thing 🤔 Can you play as a female protagonist?

  3. Sorry, but the circle on the wrist is a very bad idea ; show info on a watch would be better! Telekinesis (lasso effect) is not good! Can we disable it? Gameplay need more interactivity (vehicle doors, suitcases, trash cans, etc). The rest seems good. Thanks for the gameplay Nathie!

  4. The animations are really bad. Hoped for more production value from The Walking Dead title but this looks worse than Arizona Sunshine.

  5. Looks like a cool game, and I liked the developer commentary. But I though it looked a bit arcadey with the ammo count floating next to the gun. I hope they include a simulation mode without any of that for people looking for total immersion and realism.

  6. Gonna need that Survival difficulty wear one attack from a walker means you die, just like in the show and it shows you eventually turning into a walker. Or for multiplayer co op have it to where someone gets attacked and they'll eventually turn into a Walker, but that player loses control of the game and can only watch as they attack their comrades. Also, to stop the people that love to grief from team killing, they can only attack their teammate if they're turned into a walker.

    Hopefully there will be human enemies in the game too.

  7. The game is too arcade, in VR we want to interact with the outside world, pick up ammo, open the doors with your hand, open the trunk and the car door, and most importantly the real handling of weapons, remove ammo, put ammo, and realistic reload. Developers, you destroy immersion, not for this players go to VR, look at the mechanics of weapons in SURV1V3, Pavlov VR or even on Arizona Sunshine, not such a Walking Dead I'm waiting for

  8. If you wont it to feel like a post apocalyptic world and your rilly there . What's with the teleport pickup and the neon slashing. And why do devs make interactions light up to say pick me up or open me . Like we don't already know . We wont to use hands in vr that's the point of emerson. And I dont like it shows you how many bullets you have . It looks to much like a arcade game . I will get it but only because I'm a wd fan .

  9. Sounded interesting at first but just doesn't look very good. Animations look clunky, glowing sights on the gun breaks immersion making it feel like an arcade game, completely dismembering a zombie with one swipe. I'm sure they will do better on the animations once released but the game play itself didn't look overly challenging. Still, best of luck to the company making the game

  10. This needs a lot of improvement, the zombies are nice and all but they need to make sure that the walkers can walk properly. the hit detection is kinda wierd, i hope that you can walk with the analog stick and the melee action it's fucked, you can literally chop a zombie head, arm and leg with a single swing, this game can be fucking amazing if they had the meele combat of blade and sorcery. Also i find it wierd that you can't physically grab the door handle and open the god damn door, in a vr game!.
    The shooting it's preety cool, they did a good job on that.
    This feels like The Walking Dead Survival Instinct VR (actually Survival Instinct is way better)
    srry for bad english.

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