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  1. I love your use of the term “in a jiffy” so very English. Otherwise always great 👍 watching your videos especially when your not swearing…. lol

  2. The Xperia has incredible battery life. I've seen a few videos on the Xperia 1 where smartphone reviews have basically said that the Xperia 1's battery life lasts for ages and that it charges pretty fast.

    And I've had the Xperia XZ Premium for months and months now, and at the moment, the battery life is really, really good! I usually get 9 – 10 hours and 55 minutes of SoT, but I can sometimes get 11+ hours of SoT; the most amount of SoT I've ever had on my XZ Premium is 11 hours 4 minutes. Incredible! It just depends what I use and how long for.

  3. My P30 pro gives me 8- hours & 15 minutes approximately screen on time from 100% to 5% with 23/24 hours of overall back up ❤️
    Also Just took 30 minutes time for 5% to 75% … In 45 minutes battery comes on 90% & in 55 minutes it filly 🔌charge
    I normally plug in for charge only when my battery left for just 5% only so I could avoid from charging again & again for stronger battery life

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