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  1. The praize XIV is getting with this masterpeace of a expansion is insane. Im glad the game has got to this point, it deserves it the dev team ahs nothing but passion for their work.

  2. idk I still rock with phantasy star online blue burst lol schtack server but this is fun so far love the mech rework so far big improvement

  3. 9.75/10

    best final fantasy story past the turn of the century. best mmo expansion, cut scenes, music period.

    I still dread those Aether currents

  4. I'll give you guys point for playing the song from FFIX that's a CLASSIC. I love that and everytime I hear it I remember Zidane and the gang trying to kidnap Garnet. Kudos to you IGN.

  5. Is this game decent to play on console? I know that "ay lmao console with this type of game?" but when I played a trial I enjoyed it but felt that this is a game that I should probably play on PC instead but I don't have a pc. How much will playing on console affect my experience if I should end up playing it?

  6. I really want to enjoy this game. I really want to. But the UI is too confusing to me and the ye olde english puts me off because I'm too dumb to understand it…

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