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Here’s my review of Defector, an over the top VR action adventure game in where you become a spy that needs to track down parts of a missing doomsday …


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  1. Nice job Agent Nathie…. it looks like you had a fun time in these videos. I watched Mike of VR Oasis gave it a thumbs Down and Sebasian of MRTV gave it a thumbs Up. I'm close to buying the Rift S but need farther study I have the Orig Rift I just want better resolution and no need to set up USB camera's like the Orig. Rift.

  2. Once again Nathie picks the dumbest, least intriguing answer, forcing the other oprative to break cover to save his silly backside… I can't watch anymore… Too bad I was really wanting this time to be different. Such a cool game.. much love Nathie you silly head… If only once you would put on that thinking cap!!!

  3. @Nathie I kind of gave up on vr for a while but then due to some social anxiety I found it to be therapeutic…soon after I discovered your videos and joke this combo brought me back to vr… thanks

  4. The thing is when he shoots the fighter jets with his assult rifle it isn't only that he can damage fighter jet modeled after the f-35 and the bullets from a rifle can damage it but the bullet physics are also inaccurate but it is a game and it is not real so i will let this one slide

  5. I'm gonna skip on Oculus titles, fed up with them closing the store off. I even have a CV1, but I want to play this on Index and my IPD is too high for a Rift S. Just open it up already so we can all buy your games, you silly Zuckermuppets.

  6. What the hell you skipped a part in part 2 where you gotta come up with money for some stupid games n stuff,, wtf man I can't find it anywhere

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