Donald Trump NOT a Fan of Bitcoin – Fed Chairman Compares Bitcoin to Gold

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  1. In all fairness to President Trump….What sitting President would be dumb enough to say publicly that the US Dollar is garbage and is rapidly on its way to extinction? He can't say that even if he truly believed it. BTC is a DIRECT threat to the dollar….we should all know that by now.

  2. Not a FAN TRUMP ???? Show us where YOUR money is invested ….. did you say you have SOME BITCOIN …… of course YOU do …..!!! BIG deceptive SO and SO YOU ARE ……!!!!

  3. Theres some truth to what he says the only way for crypto to succeed is weighing in on both positive and negative. Lets stop being kids and calling moon tomorrow its purpose is in fact ethically good but lets admit theres a alot of corruption in the space when most of the cryptos fall we will look back to the endless crypto channels trying to sell individuals on random coins. Lets be subjective and not only rely on positive news cuch as coindesk or cointelegraph. We get hyped when it goes uo a thousand and forecast it at 15k the next day.

  4. trump 'i don't like bitcoin'
    trump supporters 'what he is trying to said is "i love bitcoin." HE IS FOR BIG GOVERNMENTS. bitcoin is anti-BIG government. learn to BE YOUR OWN LEADER.

  5. I am not a fan of Trump or any other celebrity, sell out, puppets. Trump, who isnt a real president, his opinions and ideals which are highly volatile, they change with the wind and are nothing but hot air. Having a sellout president like him can facilitate unlawful corporatism activity…

  6. George, your theory about why Trump doesn't like Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies is only half right. Yeah, social media is Trump's enemy. So he hates the idea of Facebook launching Libra. Pretty easy to understand since Conservative/ Republican voices are constantly being censored one by one. True fact btw. The real issue is Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. Trump has bitched about this guy for the last few months when interest rates were raised to his objection. Trump believing that higher rates would bad for "HIS" stock market boom. Trump is just being a 72 year old child. Taking the opposing side of someones opinion he has other dismay about. It's all politics! Less to do about BTC and more to do with getting rid of Powell over rate hikes.

  7. That is part of the beauty of btc, it doesn't matter what a President's opinion is about it. No person in government can do anything about it. Btc lives and rises in value regardless of opinion.


  9. The elite financial sector is starting to loose power. Libra is dangerous to them and they might not be able to sustain their power. An assault on the life of Mr.Zuckenberg will not surprise me….

  10. Buying btc just because he tweeted that. Best thing is he said is im not a fan unlike stronger statements he makes because he knows he cant control it

  11. the cost of mining is justification for Bitcoin's value. Ive never heard that argument but it's true.
    The whole argument that BTC is used in illicit trade. Weak sauce. We find suitcases full of fiat in drug busts, same difference!

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