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  1. I heard it appeals to more of younger audiences, I'm 19 and I plan on buying it when I accumulate the money. Reasons for this is I never had the original switch, and since I have a Xbox one I won't actually be using docked mode that often.

  2. I would rather buy a switch. So you can play games on the big screen then take it on the go when ever you want. Only reason to get a lite is if the battery life was alot more

  3. i play my switch on tv a lot but replacing it with a switch lite will keep me moving around the house instead of staying at the tv all day

  4. I have a switch but I have always brought my PS Vita on the go because it was smaller and more compact i think I'm going to get the switch lite because of that portability idk we will see

  5. I love my ds lite! I already have a switch but I’ll buy this for my son who loves his 2ds xl but won’t be scared to damage the switch since this one is meant for on the go

  6. "…Because I want to. I don't owe anyone rationalization for a personal purchase."

    I have a Switch and am passing on the Lite, but there doesn't need to be any justification for picking one up.

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