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  1. hey krown your mod in discord @dman with a green face is kicking people out for no reason, what up with this guy, He said he was an engineer and a network specialist and no one should listen to me becasue i told someone how to use a vpn and trade on deribit????? wats up with this , that was my place to chyll and talk

  2. This is a perfect time to buy BITCOIN before it goes to 16- 20k again this is easy money for those who have patience and can wait for the bull runs.

  3. Modern women will only mess you up and hold you back in the long run bro. Please try and release her kindly. You will be MUCH better on your own. Sorry to have to say but you are so kind and generous and smart and you deserve the best.

  4. Trump just Tweeted crap about Bitcoin, like The Fed Chairman did. Bitcoin is gonna tank just like when The Fed Chairman talked bad about Bitcoin, it tanked.

  5. It amazes me how some idiots complain when they get free info and can learn so much from you. Keep up the amazing work Krown and ignore the idiots.

  6. Hi Krown thanks for the video but I watch the video quality 360p, I check to settings all was fine, even I changed browser it was same, other videos played fine, just let you know. Thanks again

  7. Great update Krown! Are you fairly confident if we go back to $9400-$9500 that we'll likely break that and head down to the $8000's? That would be surprising.

  8. Thank you Krown! Even today early video with low sound was great because of the great quality information. I can not understand how someone can complain when you are giving so much for free. Thank you bro!

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