Pagani Owners take over the BIGGEST UK car event with 20 ZONDAS!

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Supercars on the streets – The first day of 2019 Festival Of Speed Goodwood was dedicated to some insane Pagani and mainly zondas , as the brand celebrates their 20th anniversary they managed to bring together one of the biggest Pagani Zonda collections which was just incredible to see, so much carbon under the sun!

And of course my all time favourite car was part of the collection, the Pagani Zonda Cinque, the exact car that I saw in London four years ago! (and another Cinque was on show as well!).

Easy to say this was one of my favourite days since I started the channel!

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Awesome, the simple 1 colour and carbon c12’s are still the best. Some of the customised ones look to fussy. Stunning cars

  2. Quite a "paganioso" event. Thank you for sharing! You have good taste in supercars, mate 😎👍😋! I hope that you will get a ride in a supercar soon, so that you can make a special video from the inside while the dream machine is conquering the streets. BTW, what's your first name? Greetings from the US!

  3. The thing with Pagani is that, it really doesn't matter what spec the car is, youll still be in love with it

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