The Science of VR – Virtual Reality Explained (VR180)

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Does VR fool your brain into thinking it’s really there? When done well, Virtual Reality makes you actually FEEL like you’re in a different place. We call this VR …


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  1. VR is such a promising technology for education! It can really grab your attention and let you experience things. Like imagine a physics simulation where you can change the laws of physics and see what happens (mind blown).

  2. This explains how 3D works, not VR. 3D has been around for about 100 years. VR is the added effect of immersion, looking around at the virtual world that surrounds you.

  3. I was reminded at the end that if a simulation was made that was indistinguishable from reality we would all but prove we are in a simulation. Assuming this happens sometime in the future, could we leave the simulation?

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