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In today’s video, Christopher Greene reports Donald Trump bitcoin 2019.

‘Think and Grow Bitcoin Rich!’ – CG

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  1. Digital currency is worthless, it's like calling a pixel on a computer money. Think about that logic, electric grid is attacked by enemies and is down for weeks, how will you buy anything? Only tangible assets will be accepted. At the end of the day…i hate that f phrase, bottom line is DIGITAL CURRENCY IS EXTREMELY RISKY THEREFORE WORTHLESS, PERIOD. Buy precious metals.

  2. The whole plan is to usher in a new world currency and like well behaved sheeple you lick up whatever is served(short memory). Sheeple put value in sea shell's once!!!!

  3. Bit666 mark of the beast cant buy or sale without it total control ,, don't be fooled cant say you were not warned but hey maybe you don't believe in all that ha , Peace be with you and God bless you. P.S im not saying there isnt money to be made im saying it looks very curious to me ..just appears no real source you can track down GOV. acts like they dont like it if they just brought this out no one would have got into it i say perfection in its deployment to get the world to take the mark willingly ..

  4. So it sounds like from previous announcements is that if bitcoin becomes the only currency in the world then it makes it part of the alleged Illuminati and everyone buying this money is a part of the Illuminati . So Christopher , you are also part of this new world order , a member of the Illuminati ? You push this currency like our lives depend on it . How long have you been a member of the Illuminati ? I guess now you cannot deny being part of this New World Order . Thank you ever so much for helping this happen . The biggest pusher on youtube for this currency . You have never said once that bit coin goes down but according to our local newspaper , bitcoin went down so much . hy are you trying to confuse people . Do you get your rocks off on pushing fear with your false predictions that have never come true by the way . Now somehow you are getting richer by pushing this fear of what to expect from currancy that you literally get richer .

  5. BITCOIN will NOT be the currency to replace the u.s. Dollar.

    People who love bitcoin,
    do NOT understand
    why bitcoin cannot work.

    The US dollar has backing,
    bitcoin does NOT.

    Most think that the us dollar
    is no longer, and never was, backed by gold.

    It’s backed by more, it’s backed by Human Resources, from a nation, the strongest nation.
    As well via country to country thru treaties. How else do you think it became the

    The US dollar is backed up by
    ( Human Resources )

    Bitcoin has no backing whatsoever.

    Bitcoin has no backer, therefore no other nation, no other bank, would accept a bitcoin with any sort of confidence.

    Yep, people who are surprised that bitcoin isn’t a reliable currency are way out of touch with how currencies work.

    And keep this in mind,
    gold doesn’t go up or down in value like a stock. The perceived value is when compared to a dollar that is fluctuating in value.

    Gold stays at the same level of goods it can purchase no matter the year.

    A Crypto that goes up and down is proof, that it has no real value.

    You don’t see gold changing in its density.
    Gold is as close to being money as anything, except for maybe intellectual property that is in need.

  6. He said that he didn't like Bitcoin so that the opposition would automatically say they like it. Because they will always chose the opposite side of what he likes or dislikes.

  7. So, I'm crazy lol we'll see when they crash the markets and all your digital investments are gone then government brings it in backed by gold then has all financial control to end social security and still collects your taxes.

  8. This and all digital currency is started by the Federal.Reserve, its designed to take total financial control over all and allow Government to end Social Benefits and still collect your tax dollars! When it rolls in Social Security will be on its last days. You are feeding the Tiger right here.

  9. had everything I needed in one convenient bug out bag.  

    I especially appreciate the lesson on how to rub two Bitcoin's together to start a campfire, definitely something useful in an emergency situation.  

    Tie two Bitcoins together to make a raft and use the third Bitcoin as an emergency paddle — you're a genius, Chris!

    Or, the Bitcoin raft can be used as a surfboard during tsunamis and the third Bitcoin that was used as a paddle can also double as an emergency sail for the raft the next time we get stranded at sea!  Dang dude, whodda thunk?

    In that lesson on how to use a Bitcoin as a signal for attracting high flying aircraft the next time one is stranded on a desert island had me a little confused … is there another video that shows the proper wrist action?

    But that video where you show how to use Bitcoin as an emergency Frisbee during unplanned family picnics was brilliant but I wasn't clear on how to properly inflate the Bitcoin to act as an emergency party balloon in case we end up in some unplanned orgy on a private 72-acre sex slave hell hole in the Virgin Islands someday.

    Yes, Chris, you got me hooked on the benefits of owning Bitcoin and thank you for revealing your secrets and sharing your most GENIUS insights.

  10. Btc is a ponzi scheme. BSV is the real bitcoin and will be the internet of the future as well as peer to peer cash for the world. just some of bsv accomplishments. Instant transaction time worldwide. Stores non deletable data that the author owns. Wake up people!

  11. AWESOME I didn't know he was BIG FAN TOO!!!
    UR channel is awesome!

    God bless Donald Jesus Trump the king He will be victorious against Evil Iranians!

  12. Great video 👍
    Don’t give up on bitcoin contact Philip on WhatsApp +1 (239) 579‑6274 he’s the best I invest with him and he help me to generate 6BTC Into my wallet this is real and legit so reliable I enjoyed trading with him him he’s so legit.

  13. The Politicians want to steer people out of buying real money such as Gold & other Precious Metals. Sure, Bitcoin has made some people rich to lure the masses In to steering away from real money. What will happen to Bitcoin when we enter a serious financial crash? Which is now a distinct possibility resulting from the massive debt that have been encouraged in the West into keeping the Banking System Liquid.

    This debt can't never be repaid & Donald Trump knows that the Western World will soon have to go back to the Gold Standard.
    This is why Russia & China can't buy enough of these Metals.
    Bankers & Politicians don't want people to buy real money!?

  14. There Is No Validity In Dogshit Tasting Good Cause It Doesn't. There Is No Risk in Dogshit And Your Not Gonna Convince Anyone Because You Can't Polish A Turd. Bitcoin Is Not An Investment. You Are Completely Clueless. Yes, Educate Me On The Finer Qualities Of Dogshit Bitcoin. Your Not Building Anything Other Than Losing People Money For Everyone You Convince To Sink Their Hard Earned Money In A Pile Of Shit Referred To As Bitcoin Then Have These Poor People Flush Their Money Down The Toilet.

  15. If Enough Assholes Like You Repeat "Dogshit Tastes Good" Over and Over. Eventually people will except Dogshit as Tasting Good. Bitcoin is DOGSHIT just like you and Your Retarded Course. Your A Delusional Blockhead. Go Buy A Commodore 64, Numbnuts! Cryptocurrency Is Federally Regulated Now. What Part Of ITS OVER Don't You Understand. Are you That Fucking Stupid???!!!

  16. Give It Up Chris. The Absolute Value of Bitcoin is A Big Fat Zero now and will always be worth a Big Fat Zero. Trump keeps his money in the bank Cause He's Smart Unlike You Who Is a 100% Complete Idiot. Bitcoin is the only 100% Well Documented scam you freaking Knucklehead.

  17. There are a lot of people out there who can’t think for themselves that follow certain dogmas. These tweets were merely spouting dated arguments that are used by the uneducated. Unfortunately our President (and any President for that matter) has to talk their book. He HAS to talk up the dollar. He cannot afford a currency crisis now. I do applaud his trade stance. The people who would blindly accept those tweets would never have been early bitcoin adopters to begin with. They will among the masses who will adopt it only when it becomes mainstream in ten years or so. This was going to happen sooner or later. It is what it is and changes nothing about the investment case long term. The curtain has already been pulled back.

  18. Chris, you know the truth man, I am glad I found you a year ago. I gained interest in crypto but forgot about it last year, but because of your livestreaming it reminded me again about crypto a couple months ago. A couple weeks ago I committed to myself to never stop learning about bitcoin/crypto. Thanks for spreading awareness. Maybe one day I can help you in return. – Dom

  19. So what happened to your prediction of the ‘big one’ earthquake in California that you predicted would happen within 48 hr.
    Didn’t happen.
    Nice prediction guy.
    Gonna keep writing this on every video you do until you apologize.

  20. The federal central reserve bank cartels Rothschilds are the biggest ponzi scheme ever devised to enslave every man woman and child worldwide to promissory notes not backed by gold or silver but by outrageous interest rates that are always going up while income stays the same

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