#Bitcoin broke support! Is sub $10k $BTC inevitable? $5 billion $USDT minted (and then burned), IRS cracks down on cyber crimes, Wells Fargo denies crypto purchases, tech firms looking to launch cryptocurrencies in trouble, news, and more!

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2:15 Markets 〽️
9:20 $5B tether:
10:20 Access denied:
11:07 Lest we forget:
11:38 IRS Cyber Crimes:
12:24 Never gonna work:
19:34 Watch Out USA!
17:39 Your money is no good here:

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Bitcoin CRITICAL Levels!!! USA Could ‘RUN OUT of CASH!’? $40k Possible THIS YEAR!?

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    ? Unstoppable Domains ►►
    ? VID Token Sale ?
    ?Brave Browser ►►
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    ? Top Altcoin Picks ?
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    ?‍♂️ “Crypto Zombies” Telegram ►►

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  3. Wells Fargo just wants to use your money to buy crypto for themselves. On another note. Yal see j p Morgan got caught with 1.2 billion worth of cocaine seized

  4. Just saw the article today by someone called Prof. Gary Smith (Economics at Pomona College): "At some point, the supply of greater fools will dry up and bitcoin’s second bubble will end just like the first." Any thoughts?

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