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  1. Ball physics.
    Basically the ball will bounce 4 times in a given straight line instead of 3 from previous games, giving the illusion of "physics".
    Where is the actual physics?
    Like wind affecting player clothes, ball movement, and random occurings like fans letting out fireworks in the stadium (illegal, yes, but it's a video game, come on), random bottles thrown to ground sometimes, getting to see cutscenes of team buses arriving at stadium before match(skippable option of course), better yet, let us drive in driving sections before the match from hotel to stadium(again, optional and skippable, spiderman ps4 does skippable puzzles), showing players gearing up in dressing room.
    Nope, all we are gonna see is start match, players walk out to pitch, teams shown, and match start. Since fifa ten years ago.
    Fifa only looks real now, but the nex gen feel is still missing after all these years.

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