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  1. I thought they were also going to make a Metropolis tv show. Same route with Gotham except focusing at Clark Kent at a young age years before becoming The Man of Steel. Also telling the story of Lois and Lex

  2. Nice cant wait to watch this. Damn doom patrol, titans and now this man DC really has great tv shows wish it were the same with their films even though they are getting better and cant wait for the joker.

  3. Fans: We want more Batman!

    DC: Here is a show about his Butler when he was young!

    Fans: I don’t think you understand us anymore…

    DC: Next Fall, Jonathan Kent stars as a young farmer in Smallville!

  4. The fact that there not going the Gotham route and trying to introduce ever single character from batman and there just focusing on Alfred is a plus and a welcome surprise. Actually looking forward to this now

  5. Alfred Pennyworth gets his show? I love Alfred in Gotham but does he deserve a show? Maybe a movie but what about Aunt May lol.

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