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  1. Leicester City was literally the same team that was nearly relegated the season before. It just so happened that players that had never done anything great before suddenly became world class. Kante became the best DM in the world that season, Mahrez became the best winger in England, Vardy a world class striker and so on. They were all there before, just that one year they all clicked.

  2. You didn't even touch on how there ARE still members from the previous SD, most importantly for me, Geguri, I'm just fucking glad she's winning and on a winning team even if she's not playing all that often. I have seen her win in key games I've watched, and it was a thrill. And not just her, there are others from the previous roster who still come out now and then. I think they could have kept Ado, personally.

  3. As someone who doesn't care about Overwatch this what I see: Chinese threw a bunch of money at one of the best Korean teams and a coach, then threw a bunch of money at a few new players that match coaches in-game vision and here it is – they won. What a schoker, lul.

  4. There's some misinformation in this video about the dragons and stuff besides just management that made them such a huge success right now. But I'll give the video a pass cause it doesn't seem like you know much about OW meta, strats and such.

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