What is Behind Bitcoin's Plunge? (2019)

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With Bitcoin dropping 14% immediately after the Facebook/Libra senate hearing, it’s tempting to believe there’s a causal relation. That is, however, irrational.
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  3. I'm still in hilarious shock I've just been asked for cash by a french taxi driver and I said ok card or btc, he tapped away at his phone after originally suggesting he didn't have time , ultimately he said I've got no signal so no can do card , ok standoff and well the rest later. However I totally agreed asger this is not a retail sell off after all I'm on the beach watching btc and alt coin prices btc is down about 1.6% . 15 mins of tennis with lady p and check the prices again and dollop btc loses 10% let alone the alts. So in 15 mins all the retail investors either a. Hit sell because I'm playing beach tennis, or b. All their (our) stop losses coincide as I make a 15 shot rallaye. Alternate theory c. Big shot whale says let's stop loss a load of people and damage the price sell 200m. C1. Of course we have some experts suggesting that a 21dayma has to be hit to prove a bull or bear. What 45% down to prove a market ? So voila somebody in the know says the market has to drop , it starts dropping then somebody or some bodies hit sell big time knowing they can force the price either way. No different to wall street of course just they swing the prices 10% rather than 30% in 5 days . Still let's keep awake , we've made some lost some and where there is a will there is a way

  4. Look man! It's always the same game but each time in a different flavor. Long live Bitcoin and Blockchain. They can't kill it and soon they will prostrate before the King and sing kumbaya my lord.

  5. @TraceMayer
    Secretary said: President's Working Group on Financial Markets is now able & willing to manipulate $BTC prices. Great in short-term as can only manipulate up to multi-trillion $ market cap.

  6. Good thoughtful video again as usual ?

    There is a theory that Łitecoin has been leading the market both up and down over the last few months. ?

    It will be interesting to see if this continues now that the Łitecoin August mining reward halving is closing in and the Miami Dolphins partnership ? news has just been officially released to its fans.

  7. Incidentaly, did you write that "frog kiss' story in your 'spiritual capitalism' book? After i commented wrongly i 'remembered' it was the frog. You either wrote it or it was a mad deja vu thing for me!

  8. Oi! Martha's my mothers name and she's not a witch! Anyway, it was proven the crops failed because Mr Swan sharpened his scythe on Whit Sunday! Tsk… people believe any rumour!
    Anyway, yes, Btc went down because people sold… Damn them!

  9. You are correct that correlation is not always causality. What goes up must come down. And in the case of BTC what goes down must go up again.

  10. Asger,

    First, I must like to tell you that we the people have no power over the whales and the corrupt system that we live in. However, imagine if all the crypto community came together as ONE and said Fxxk you to the Centralized system, the corporations and the banks and not sell in panic or fear, we would all thrive. This wont happen as the majority are sheeples in our society that believe everything they hear on social media, FUD news etc.
    In my opinion I see this as an opportunity to buy a little more at a bargain price. By no means i am rich, and as every person I have a family, bills etc that we all have to pay. But I know one thing for sure that BTC , LTC, ETH, NANO , NEO are not going anywhere. We are at the infancy stage of this game and we have to learn how to play it better that the bastards that are manipulating our monetary lives.
    As an Israeli kid growing up my dad told me when I was 14 years old to read a book called "The Art of War" and that is my all time fav book next to Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". I have applied the teachings of both these books in my life and have gone through some really rough times but I understood how to play the game in war and in civilian life. "Act strong when you are weak and act weak when you are strong". If people can truly understand the meaning of this and come together as one and leave their egos out of it, I believe our community can win and succeed at any game these retards throw at us. The key is come to together as ONE.
    This is just my opinion, and trust me brother We shall and Will Prevail.
    Thank you for your time and God Bless!

  11. Nothing against you but you have no idea what is behind bitcoin plunge nor does any youtuber trying to make money with these videos just to milk the cow.

  12. If the vales wants a dump, its gonna be a dump. If the vales wants a pump, we will have a pump! The markets is in a controll of the vales, and that is the sad truths

  13. I don't believe in BTC in the long term. Short term BTC is the perfect instrument for whales to extract money to the uninformed dreamers. Only crypto working with regulators and banks will survive in the long term. Do not day-trade unless you are an insider.

  14. The FED hate Gold and manipulates the price to what ever they want through Futures, and ETF. Bitcoin is seen as a threat now so maybe they are manipulating the price of Bitcoin like Gold.

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