AirSelfie2 Flying Camera Review. This thing is TINY!

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The AirSelfie2 flying camera is the next generation of tiny flying cameras. It is a tiny pocket drone designed with only “You” in mind. It is primarily a selfie drone, or better said a flying camera that is designed to take selfies.

ULTRA-LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Airselfie2 is the thinnest, lightest flying camera. At 2.8 ounces, it redefines portability. Includes a leather carrying case so it’s compact and easy to carry
HD CAMERA: AirSelfie2 features a 12 Megapixel HD camera with anti-vibration shock absorbers and a 16 Gigabyte micro SD card to ensure high quality social-media-optimized images
ANODIZED AERONAUTICAL GRADE ALUMINUM: AirSelfie2 is made of ultra-durable anodized aeronautical grade aluminum to protect your flying camera from wear-and-tear while keeping weight to a minimum
APP CONTROLLED: Control your flying camera up to 65 feet in the air from an intuitive app. Available for iOS and Android, the free app is user friendly and requires minimum instruction-study time
EASY CHARGING: Recharge AirSelfie2 quickly and easily through your computer or device. With a built-in 400 mAh 7.4V battery, AirSelfie2 allows for approximately 5 minutes of flight per charge

equipment I use-

Main Camera:
Main Camera Lens:
Overhead Camera:
Overhead Lens:
Broll Macro Lens:
Studio Mic:
Audio Recorder:

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  1. Doesn't look stable at all when it's holding on its own at 5ft 🙁 Seems like it drifts. Have you reviewed any others that are small and can hold a stable position when flying around other people.

  2. I can see future products becoming very popular and it will be paired with smartphones that you buy I can see a lot of people using this even movies and music videos will utilize this tech the future is bright

  3. Airselfie The campaign says $65 “Today Only” (with no mention of a limited number or anything), but I was charged $75. I’m super excited about the product but am confused about why the campaign details offer a lower price, but the lower price isn’t an option at checkout.Is it the scam company??!

  4. I just received mine. What you've described is exactly why I wanted it. I'm not and, at least for now, don't intend to be a big drone flyer. I want something small. This is very noisy but, I know nothing about the decibel level of real drone and have nothing to compare it to. While there are many people who would say they want a real drone and may, indeed, need one for their purposes, what I say is what I said to my mother a few yeas ago, who is a professional photographer. While her Canon EOS DSLR is professional level and takes beautiful photos, she will also miss many shots, because she doesn't intend to lug it everywhere. But, with my Canon ELPH 110 HS, while the shots may not be on par with a DSLR, I can take very many pictures as, it's not an issue to take it everywhere and anywhere with me, even if I'm all dressed up.

  5. I'm not into "Selfie" stuff although I probably would be if I were better looking… but that little drone has some amazing tech inside. Oh and by the way… Your term "Narcissist Wand" is scarefully accurate lol

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