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  1. 120hz 6.9 inch 4K Display with under screen touch ID, NO NOTCH, 5000mAh Battery, 8GB of Ram, 1TB internal storage, 5G, and Half inch 20MP camera sensor. That's all I ask…

  2. Bad news for the lie about 5G around the world…. 5G is alive a kicking in Italy since May 2019…. so… may aifone 2019 won't allow users to use 5G … make sense due to Apple surely still have to pay the 8-10 Billion to Qualcomm … also in the rest of Europe %g is a reality …

  3. I have an iPhone X, usually I’m quite tempted and I’ve had a 4, 5, 6 Plus and then an iPhone X, I just wouldn’t spend the money and save for 2020. 5G in the UK is being released / rolled out as we speak and in some major cities, it’s already here. EE, Three & Vodafone and more. P.S. I’m on the toilet while typing this 😘 much love

  4. First of all, if Apple reverts back to touch ID, they'll have under the entire screen sensors for it instead of just one spot, and the latest predictions say that will only be available as a budget model for a China to improve sales there.

  5. nothing!! I don't need a phone and i am not spending any more money on phones. I have already spent too much in my lifetime. did i say spent i should have said wasted. this is better that is better and next thing you know your buying a phone every 2 years or so …..for what touch id and a "better" camera??? who cares my camera works just fine…. every new phone is going to change your life….I does, your bank account has less in it …that's change for sure.

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