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  1. When you people look back at your life on your death bed you won't be remembering the love for life experiences like travel, starting a family, sports, etc Your memories will be of fragging stangers in some virtual pixel war zone, just think about that for a minute… now turn off that garbage and go bowling or fishing or something anything! Leave this kind of stuff for people who can't physically do anything else.

  2. Amazing. But please. I can't be the only one that thinks that the design of trhis thing is fairly ugly. Too many random colors, ugly and gimmicky looking case. I think it would look way with a more simplistic looking case and an paintjob with good color complementation.

    I would have made the whole case black or anthracite grey, paint all the boards black and gave everything an rgb illumination so you can set your own color scheme. For the water loops, I would have used an opaque grey liquid or an transparent liquid with translucent non-colored tubes.

    To imagine it better: Something that lookslike an Phanteks Evolv X Anthracite case with black Asus ROG hardware in it.

  3. Sony : "Oh this is some BULLSHIT"
    Microsoft : "See guys, told you we should have tried this awhile ago. We almost had the other guys in"
    Nintendo : "YES, perfect. Now people buy Nintendo as much as other game console. We make sales goal without trying."

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