GET BEAT UP IN BOXING SIMULATOR – Creed: Rise to Glory VR Boxing – HTC Vive Pro Gameplay

VR Boxing in Creed Rise to Glory VR gameplay will get Fynn into shape! Creed VR includes PVP modes, training and a story campaign for VR Boxing with story.


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  1. Game seems like a fight fans dream. You can weave punches. I wish there was someone testing this game who had boxing experience so we could see how it compares.

  2. For all the idiots talking about how he can't fight, he's not exactly able to throw a proper punch with those controllers. Try and you'll see what I mean. This game needs Leap Motion Support (if it doesn't have it already).

  3. He was asking how to knock them out, pretty sure your gonna need to dodge a punch and then do a quick hook and hit them in the side of the head (but you know just a guess)

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