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  1. 15:00 – Sorry, but thinking Crapple is 'for the most people' is stupid. Most people cannot afford to spend thousands a year on Crapple products, just to be part of the sheeple crowd, to have that logo on display. If you're smart & don't wanna hand over your 2 month's income for a laptop, get a very user friendly, extremely upgradable PC, which you buy once every 5-10 years, replace one piece at a time where needed, install whatever you want, watch and listen to whatever you want, and don't have to pay for every app, album, or video!! It's a no-fucking-brainer!!
    Not to mention BRIAN WAS RIGHT!! CRAPPLE recently admitted to purposely slowing down the CPU & draining the battery!! They have been caught pulling multiple consumer scams to make more money! And 2018 was the first year in over a decade that APPLE fell to #3 in the smartphone market, while SAMSUNG has remained #1 the whole time!!

  2. kinda hard to run from a retarded reality when other people are a part of it… I'm for people having freedom, but with that you have to combat ignorance, not just laugh at it, cause it thinks it's right..ignorant or not….but that's where I see the show evolving, bringing good info to the table to set this bitches brains on fire lol

  3. Face Palming real hard at Joe shitting on microsoft when here we are 2 1/2 yrs later and apple's STILL selling people the same shit phones now as they were then. Meanwhile, Android STILL offers a great product whose battery actually works for a full day and the operating systems and end-user accessibility for which actually continue to improve generation to generation.

  4. I've been a #joerogan fan since Newsradio, but I felt a little betrayed when he let Lewis rant like a corporate apologist when Joe, you know darn well that corporations manipulate currency, elections, create wars, do their absolute best to minimize and disenfranchise the poorest sections of the national and global community. Mercedes may not be directly guilty, but you know Damn Well they are an icon of the type of consumer who can consume at the highest level. Is Mercedes innocent? Maybe, so you should have said that person is guilty of corporate stereotyping, but there are corporations that are worse than the mafia ever imagined being, and I fully expected at least a little push back from you, with your vast knowledge of corporate crime.

  5. i love Joe Rogan, but what a noob. building your own rig is simple, its like legos for adults. you say you're into technology, but are you? windows for life, screw paying INSANE prices for crap rigs, just because you are to rich/lazy/busy to build a beaaassst PC, is no reason to think that Mac's are the best, maybe for you, macs are just a simple solution for the lazy busy dude who wants to be in the tech world. These novices just further cements the fact in my mind, that there is A LOT of money to be made buidling, reselling PC computers.

  6. Believe it or not Joe… That whole "Charge By Air" thing you suggested around 1:18:30 is actually patented by Apple… And people are assuming, that it will be a thing in the future! Apple of course, being the first ones to release it, and companies following, as it typically has been for years… It has been said that it will charge your phone while you are near by devices like your iMac and MacBook (how close, I don't know); kinda like how Apple Devices sync content now! Near a device, and it automatically connects… Quite interesting, that Apple has developed the cloud sync, and now continuity to make your devices communicate even more… Hmm, maybe those days are sooner then we think! A swipe of the finger and power is being pushed to your phone! Seems kinda weird, electricity through air??? And we think radio waves are bad for us! 

  7. Since you're a tech guy… and seem to be a fan of in depth reviews… You should check out @Erica Griffin, she goes all out… Like 20, 30 minutes… All time stamped for convenience… Thanks for having Lewis on, I really enjoyed the show! And I also listening to it on Sirius. 

  8. yea ok right yea yea right right oh yea i got ya right ok ok em hmm right…. SHUT THE FUCK UP!! i hate people that say this shit to every fucking word someone says and you can tell they have no fucking clue what there talking about and just blindly agreeing to seem cool.

  9. Push marketing is when I pay to take over the shelves of a supermarket with my product so you literally have no other product to buy but mine. You'll see this in the beverage aisle in the battle between Coke and Pepsi brands.
    Pull marketing is when i send out zillions of discount coupons to consumers to get them to go to their local store and demand the retailers carry my product. They pull it through the supply chain.

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