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  1. Loos cool, but I don't feel like playing a Digimon Fire Emblem version. I feel it's enough with Fire Emblem Three Houses.

    They should have mix Digimon Dawn and Dusk with Cyber Sleuth.

  2. The female friend had a Labramon. I hope we get to choose which character we want to play as or even pick which Digimon starter we want, because I love Labramon so much! Looking forward to new details on the game. 😸

  3. Dont get your hopes up, the gameplay is that super tedious grid based rpg tactics thing. And if you think the animations on the new pokemon was bad, wait till you see the animation for this one. Imagine fighting a level 1 slime monster in during the earlier parts of the game for like 10 mins. Not that it's hard or something but the game places you like a mile away from your enemy and your movement is limited for like 5 squares. And even after defeating that monster you're locked for like an hour of exposition.

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