Virtual reality offers architects "a whole new way of designing"

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New virtual reality tools will allow architects and designers to create buildings and products intuitively in 3D space around them, according to the director of …


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  1. hi! is there someone who can give me a tip how I can start with virtual reality work? I am a ´classical´ engineer, electricity and power systems, but I would like to get on the virtual reality train… Thanks

  2. Great Video! We have developed application using HTC vive and it is really a great tool! It is just starting, hope to see more use of VR application in day today life.

  3. Please could you help me. I want use htc vive but I dont know desing program name.
    I want use for desing with htc vive's controller

    What is the program name for htc vive ? thanks

  4. This design process could become much easier if we stopped using those manipulators. Instead we could use the mind control. There are already systems which can, for example, move objects just scanning your brainwaves. At the beginning you have to calibrate the device, but then it works flawlessly moving objects up or down or sideways in the virtual space. My idea is to use brainwaves and such devices which read the brainwaves, and interpret them as 'flat surface', 'bump', 'hole', 'curved surface.' In this way I would simply look at a work piece and make it change its shape.
    The reason I'm writing this is because I am tired of wires and even wireless keyboards and mice. Those joysticks could be useful, but imagine how you could just wear some device on your head and shape the objects with the power of thought.

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