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FastestVPN is the latest VPN provider founded in the wake of an ongoing cyber security problem in the world. Founded in the Cayman Islands in 2017 with the goal of being the fastest VPN provider in the world. However, you can clearly see why this company may be backing itself in a corner, their name alone places them in a difficult position if their competitors have much faster speeds than theirs. For this reason we reviewed their services to truly see if they live up to their name.


P2P allowed: Yes

Number of servers/Countries: 150+ servers located in 29+ countries across the globe.

Business location: Cayman Islands

Torrenting: Allowed

Encryption: AES-256 Bit

There is no limit to the features FastestVPN offers, which are designed specifically to suit your needs. Regardless of what device you use, FastestVPN provides a good user experience. By offering easy torrenting service, an internet kill switch feature, Wi-Fi security, fast buffering and downloading speeds, up to 99.9 % uptime, “10 device logins” simultaneously allowing you to multi task or play on multiple devices with ease, they also possess a “no log policy,” and a NAT Firewall protection. FastestVPN is certainly headed in the right direction.  

Their 24/7 customer care line are still constantly busy, thus the need for faster service on their part, in my opinion, cannot be stressed enough.   

Ease of Use and Customer Satisfaction

Numerous customers have reviewed FastestVPN having the absolute ease at which you can use the service. Furthermore, their user-friendly website also hosts numerous walkthroughs to your help. One such example is Trust Pilot, which to this day still holds an average 9.5 customer trust score for FastestVPN. However, perhaps FastestVPN’s greatest gift is their ability to satisfy their customers around the world, with their user-friendly experience and quality service.    

Performance Status

FastestVPN claims that it prevents IP/DNS leaks, their service also includes ad-blocking and malware protection. 

The service provider is just as effective as other, more well-known VPNs. Compatible with every device, FastestVPN is one of the few VPNs, which have servers located in numerous locations, thus reducing the latency time it takes to connect and use a secure server. Truly making it the FastestVPN on the market today, of course in the future other competitors in the industry can outmatch FastestVPN in speeds.  


Moreover, FastestVPN includes a vast range of features which are ideally suited for torrent downloading. Features which include:  P2P Optimized servers, Unlimited Server Switching, 99.99% Uptime, and unlimited Bandwidth, enabling you to have maximum protection without compromising on your user experience. 


•    Consistent performance

•   A d protection

•    Low prices and a vast range of features

•    Multiple devices simultaneous able to be connected

•    AES 256 bit encryption

•    Supports 20+ devices

•    Torrenting is allowed

•    Internet Kill Switch

•    Malware protection


•    Didn’t unblock Netflix, iPlayer for me

•    The windows app has issues

In our opinion these cons are FastestVPN being a victim of their own success, and these flaws should eventually be worked out in a few years as the company itself grows to include better technology. 

FastestVPN deals

These are some of the deals, which FastestVPN offers the more long-term plans save the most money where the largest deal, their 5 year plan should save you a whopping 92%. Forbes online website also stated that FastestVPN is the best budget VPN for 2019, with its great saving plans. However, the smaller plan like the 1 month package shall still set you back on a few bucks.

1 Month: $10/Month 

3 Year Plan: $1.11/Month 

1 Year Plan: $2.49/ Month

5 Year Plan: $0.83/Month

Final verdict

FastestVPN takes the cake when it comes to being a solid VPN provider; however, despite their slow customer care services, FastestVPN’s advantages outweigh its disadvantages. With all the features FastestVPN offers, the choice at the end of the day is really up to you. 

Considering all that it is offering great number of features at extremely competitive prices, we can wholeheartedly recommend FastestVPN. This service which began over two years ago shows incredible potential, and continues to show wow customers everywhere. However, if you do end up availing their services don’t forget that you can save much more if you avail longer term packages like the 5 year plan and 3 year plan. You can of course always check their packages in detail with this buy vpn link.

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