Bitcoin is dropping & capitulation is less than 20 days away! BTC technical analysis & price targets

While bitcoin could go up short term I think the more likely scenario is BTC will continue to drop. I cover both scenarios in this video and cover the upcoming capitulation that I am expecting. I give price targets and a time frame. For those of you that have access to my shareable charts just hit refresh and you will see the updated changes. Video where I call the top for BTC:

Keep checking the community the section of my channel as i will be making new post as i create new charts.

To access my charts requires a onetime donation of $20. you will have access to all previous, current and future charts. just email back after you donate and I will send you my website address to access charts. All of my charts are shareable so you can watch them real time and you can also save them as your own to add in your own indicators. If you have any issues copying the addresses just email me and i will send them to you.

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  1. Hop on the next cryptocurrency thats about to moon. It's an app called Pi Network that mines by literally just existing on ur phone. Use my referral code "dazention" for a faster mining rate.

  2. A crazy prediction in light of BAKKT about to finally roll-out, it's going to be interesting to see if real world events like BAKKT play the dominant role in moving the price over statistical analysis, in my opinion unknown's like BAKKT are more important, and I don't see Bitcoin going below $5,000 regardless of what past trends are saying.

  3. Are you the same guy who said BTC couldn't and wouldn't go above 6K? And then dissapeared when it did until now? And didn't you say you came to this conclusion because of Fib Circles? I dont know man, maybe find a better indicator?

  4. I believe Bloomberg with aide you, it will show 1800 is likely but involves an asteroid parking itself off coast de la moon. Have you set a sell order that closes at 1800???

  5. No! Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies are actually dying. Abnormal signs conflicting with rampant gold rise during this global economy crisis are showing that the crypto bubble is bursting. Worse still, a new tech called holochain is replacing the outdated flaw ful blockchain tech. These remaining stupid bitcoin worshipers just can't face the fact, though they already feel it.

  6. Last time we capitulated was in bear market and there wasn't much market cap or BTC dominance. This is another period. We are clearly in bull market. I am not sure it will go down to $3000 region again. It will be big disaster if that happens. I am expecting a bounce from $8000 region.

  7. Such a great channel. Spreading the word about you . The Cryto crew channel tried saying they were the only ones to see this play out. I believe you were first . Kudos for sticking to your guns despite the obnoxious trolls that had no clue.

  8. I believe it will drop to 3k or as low 2200 around dec-jan and climb over 3years to 60k peak…so buy your family bitcoin for xmas.

  9. Deja vu! I remember when price rose to $740 in June 16 from $230 lows & EVERYONE thought it would capitulate back to $200 again. Reality was it had 40% correction and price was $3k a year later.

  10. do you suggest we put stop losses in order to re-buy btc when it is lower ? or do people who hodl just hodl no matter if they have expensive btc's or less expensive ones? I bought mine at 10k euros. and one at 9k euros. thanks very much !

  11. Hi. Maybe you can put up a longer term analysis sometime? Because it's al so different what you are saying compared to other people. Please tell us, do you think Bitcoin will go to a new ath before the end of this year? Great videos. Greets from the Netherlands

  12. It is good to see someone out there who has his own thoughts and ideas; in a world where evryone is screaming 100 K coming; the million around the corner -> good to listen to a different opinion; which way Bitcoin will go nobody knows; but to consider both directions is a good thing. Keep these videos comind – much appreciated. Regards !

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