When Will Bitcoin Reach $1 Million? – Updated Stock to Flow Model (99.5% R2)

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Many of us in crypto believe that its’s possible for Bitcoin to reach a price point of $1 million some day, but when exactly?

Plan B has tweaked his stock to flow model for Bitcoin, and gives us an insight into when we could expect this to occur, with a very high degree of accuracy (99.5% R2).

Let me know what you think!

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  1. People. Betfair is offering 3.8 to 1 Bitcoin will be under $5000 on 31 12 19. Fill your boots and make 30% on me for free. If you understand crypto you will piss Betfair . Good luck if having a punt.

  2. I think we haven't seen how crazy it can rise yet. I think there will be a point soon where its rising a few thousand dollars per hour

  3. I believe a lot of these drops in BTC price are whales unloading positions to rebuy more BTC at lower prices when they have encouraged the small fish to sell. HODL! My prediction is $25k by end of 2020.

  4. I think this business of hyping up that bitcoin will moon in future will actually be harmful for the price and make it more volatile. If you really want bitcoin to grow in price you want real world use cases and real solid reasons for adoption other than speculation.

  5. It'll happen once the whole world knows that Bitcoin is actually BSV and that Blockstream have been pulling wool over your eyes.

    BTC was growing in that way until it reached the capacity ceiling. You are basing your future predictions based on past, but you fail to take into consideration that in the past BTC did not have scaling limitation reached…. now it has.. and this is a game changer. You can't base your future prediction because now you have a different thing affecting this which didn't become apparent before. BTC will never go even past its previous ATH, let alone to $100K or more… because it can't. You can thank Blockstream for that, and your own ignorance and lack on understanding of economics of Bitcoin. See you in 2020… when BSV is recognised by the world as the one true Bitcoin… and BTC will go down a slow (or maybe even fact) painful death… I would not want to be ignorant if I was you.. or anyone else in BTC or any other useless shitcoin… but hey… its your choice.

  6. Don't believe John macafe he fooled the people to get more followers to support him while he is running away

  7. Without widespread adoption, relying on store of wealth and speculation as currently price would crash way before those numbers as we take profit on 20, 30, 50X gains.

  8. If you extrapolate the price curve you get roughly the same results, even not doing any calculations. That's assuming the pace is exponential and will not slow down more than it already does (that's a huge IF). But more importantly, the implications of this prospect include some very ugly things by a global rent-seeking system under threat. So Bitcoin's adoption will have to slow down dramatically at some point in the future, in order to basically avoid major destruction and wars. Maybe people don't care and still go ahead, which is why we need solid cooperation and communication between peoples of the world who share the need for this system to end before shit really hits the fan (and much effort will be made in traditional media and by large US/China/… corporations to divide them) So whatever happens with Bitcoin happens, although at least this time it's the actual people who decide collectively. Greed is not everything and Bitcoin can provide much needed peace and transparency if people are patient and open.

  9. I'm curious to know how many people 'supporting' Bitcoin actually want or care to see Bitcoin in daily use, or just really want to see their 'investment' increase in value.

  10. What happens to BTC if the US dollar collapses? All of my BTC is converted from USD but if their dollar collapses where does that put bitcoin in relation to USD? Is that where a stable coin comes into play? I’m confused. Any advice would be appreciated.

  11. I guess this may be viable if there were not any alt coins however, with Alts claiming approx 35% of the current pie, how will this affect future BTC prices, I don't know.

  12. I think its possible with major corrections after the next bull run. But what you think will alt coins do when BTC is at one million?

  13. Definitely worth considering delayed gratification in this case.
    By the way, will you ever bring back the yodle from the end of your videos that you used to have? I loved it.

  14. This stock to flow model has to break at some point. It seems to think price will 10x at every halving. So 2032 will be 100M then 2036 1B? Hmmm lol

  15. Um, I don't know if you noticed but Bitcoin is $10K. Get a grip on reality. With the trouble it's having just getting past 11k there is nothing even remotely realistic about these predictions. If we reach a new high this year I'll be happy.

  16. I think the "whales" and bots will buy and sell the market into Oblivion. They are taking the money out of weak hands like taking candy from a baby. The APIs on the exchanges make it all to easy if you have a lot of money.

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