Bitcoin: Critical Move! IRS Crypto Warning Letters! Justin Sun's Failed Payment? Abra Restricts USA

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Bitcoin: Critical Move Coming!
Justin Sun’s Failed Payment?
Abra Restricts US Crypto Access
IRS sending crypto warning notices
Microsoft and Ethereum
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  1. Hello crypto gods. Have any of you checked out Pi yet? It’s a cloud mined crypto currency developed by Stanford PhDs which is currently free to mine int he beta phase. Because it is cloud mined, you don’t even need your phone on – just click once a day to verify you’re a human and help to create the network by inviting friends to increase mining speed. A comparable coin is electroneum which was also free to cloud mine in beta and ICOed at 18 cents. This will be even better imo. At 50 cents 100k mined coin will be 50k USD. Very interesting and thorough concept, you can read the minutiae in their white paper ion the app. Since it’s still in beta phase, you’ll need a referral code to join. Feel free to use mine 🙂

  2. i love your videos… but as for justin sun, hes breaking himself in a whole. Even his so called winK aka tronbet is giving false payouts. i screen shot my win and i lost … lol one tron at a time ! Now we got 12 yr old CEO omg how fast they learn.
    Safeway is a shocker nice return on change.

  3. The IRS taxes you on capital gains, if you cash out fiat profits that's what shows up.
    it was also said that they will be looking for something called "signed anti money laundering forms".
    with high volumes of transactions, they will try not to lose too much through the cracks.

  4. We need a break lower,. EOY BTC including Christmas dump 3K to let institutions in. That's after 2 months of accumulations between 3500-2800. Professional scale re-rejections of 10k confirm we need to head lower and reject 8.2K then 5k. just head lower. Bears in control until SEC agrees it's bull time early next year after safe entries.

  5. It broke up just a little under 2 hrs. I think you meant to say 2.4 hrs – 3.6 hrs as you simply forgot to put dots in the middle. Nevertheless, spot on once again. Keep it up mate

  6. People are leaving NY in masses. It’s one of the absolute worst states in our union. I cannot wait to get out of this god forsaken state. If your a NYer like me, I’m sorry, but we can all leave together. Screw this place.

  7. Looks like residents of USA are are in a descending triangle with all these exchanges restricting their use. The land of the free, except if you're into crypto.

  8. Justin Sun already signed off. The lawyers responsible for the escrow need to do their part on time. Not sure if you understand what escrow means and how it works? Hmmmm….just google and you will understand how escrow works. Too much to explain here.

  9. "You dodge some US sanctions, that's one thing….you talkin' about guns & drugs? The United States is gonna get involved." Absolutely priceless…no fluff, no BS, just the way I want to hear news commentary/analysis.

  10. I think the pullback to the .382 fib level was indeed the retracement we needed and BTC is just continuing to the upside as expected. Could we see a major pullback? Maybe, but I don't see it happening just yet. Maybe at the next fib level of $16K; should we pull back 40% that would keep us above the $10K level. Who knows…it's all speculation at this point. Enjoy the ride!…….. My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Jacob’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 3btc to 11.5btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on Email @ Jacobwesley61@gmail or Telegram @jacobwesley22. WhatsApp +1(405)266-3731. .

  11. Hey Chris. I have been sent a trade set up on HOTBTC, i noticed on kucoin the price was .00000037 and on binance .00000013, is that normal?

  12. Wow, Exiting times for early investors and your insights are right on the razor's edge. I feel BTC 16k by end of Q3 but there are several ATS that will Shine as well. Pick well.

  13. If you have REAL bags. Keep a fake ledger on you at all times with a super small amount of crypto on it. Never know what could ever possibly happen. Better to lose 2,000 xrp than to lose 250,000 lol.

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  15. Hi all. IRS sending letters….paying the tax due is better then paying later with penalties and possibly being charged criminally. Enjoy the ride all.

  16. Chris, mucho appreciate ur ta/fa/commentary/insights & dedication 2 this space.
    Short term (ie. month) btc could drop & bounce off around 8.5k, lots of other ta suggests this.
    4 the long term, btc needs to cool off after this crazy parabolic run up anyway, then coil up again b4 the rush to new ath's.
    Could this happen by EoY, sure. Why? Well, btc represents the most volatile mrkt ever, so hang on4 a white knuckle ride!
    Kind regardz2all…

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  18. Justin Sun! ALot of crap comeing out of his camp, And then u wonder why real world use isnt being adopted quicker, because u got clowns like sun just makeing crypto look deceiving full of lies n scams!!!

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