Bitcoin is Destined for One Million Dollars | The Stock to Flow Ratio

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  1. I couldn't find one person who knew how to buy it in 2012. Then I spent time sofa surfing & abusive relationships and crapy part time jobs. This year I moved back in with the folks & hit 1Bitcoin.
    Hoping I can hit 2 Bitcoin but that's a pipe dream!

    Maybe after 5 years or so I can actually ENJOY MY LIIIIIIFE
    Thank you Bitcoin!!!
    Now I got my mum on it!

  2. Governments will do everything in their power to prevent this. Including placing BTC holders in mortal peril. They will, of course claim you are a criminal for possessing the asset to feign justification for your demise when you attempt to "resist justice".

  3. This forecast completely overlooks the consequence of a new fiat with the gold-backed standard restored. After the dollar crashes, why wouldn't that restoration happen? Hasn't China, Russia, and others been aggressively collecting gold in the last several years? Wouldn't they want to be the next world reserve currency? Haven't they been planning for that outcome? Bitcoin Bulls have acknowledged a return to gold backed money would dissipate Bitcoin's future swell.

  4. Great content Phil! You have been constantly educating us with fundamental information and not just speculation 🙂 I will make sure to give a nice donation when the time will come 😉

  5. One of the best YouTube videos on this topic I’ve ever seen. Shows a true and deeper understanding than most. Thank you for the insight

  6. Thanks Phil, this video was enlightening. As for the "stock to flow " indicator, I can't seem to locate it in trading view. I typed several keywords and nothing. If you could shed some light. Appreciate it

  7. First time I've heard of this indicator, very educational. Makes me feel better for holding on to Bitcoin through 2018 while the price was getting crushed. I was really wanting to use Cryptos as part of my retirement plan but according to your analysis its not going to get "interesting" until 2024-25 time frame. Guess I shouldn't quit my day job just yet. Thanks

  8. who is going to keep running the machines when the last BTC is mined? Giving its essential goal is to be decentralized (meaning in the hands of as many people as possible). The mega farms going to compete just for the sake of trying to be the one that gets 51% bandwidth and steals/deletes (for the lels) all data? I think POS might be one solution for the future and imo ultimately, in the distant future there will be many interoperable blockchains based around POS (or more advanced governance) with real market value and not just bunch of millennials trying to dump on each other.

  9. Wow! Thanks a million Phil! Time to start considering the social responsibility of wealth…this can and hopefully will be the start of a responsible consciousness toward mankind. Exciting times for sure

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