Bitcoin: Discussing the Next Move

Bitcoin continues to consolidate on top of known support at $9,400. Daily volume is around $12 billion, the lowest since April.
In today’s video we discuss where price may be heading next, key areas to watch, traps to avoid and so much more. I hope you find it helpful.

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  1. Thanks Workin. I actually caught the dip this morning and I was short. Rode it all the way down and moved my stop to entry price as I thought It would continue down but how wrong was I. BTC rebounded like a spring and I was stopped out $700 within a minute. Even though My trade came out even, Going forward I will be taking profit quick smart lol.

  2. I really appreciated your analysis and discovered your channel on Trybe. On which platform you do your crypto analysis? Do you consider a buy order in the zone of 8500 is a good set right now?

  3. The $7,300 to $9,505 on the 30 min. have been pretty good to me …. and whats with these massive dumps or pumps straight out of the blue? I notice some where right before the daily close however the ones on the weekend are asteroids from deep space? wtf lol

  4. Wow… what a manipulated move by the market makers. Stopped out the longs with the dump to approx $9150 and brought BTC back to the $9500 region, and rejected by the 21EMA on the 4HR. That being said, that move now leaves a descending triangle on the 4HR don’t you think? With the measured move taking us to the .618 retracement of the parabolic move (i.e., to approx $7200). What do you think?

  5. Thank you for the weekend update! Extremely grateful to have your guidance during these uncertain times.

  6. Still haven't started live trading yet, but I've been watching every video carefully and learning and gaining greater understanding about so much. One thing I'm sure of is this: when you say "sit on your hands guys, its difficult times" the viewer would be well advised to do just that! I'm not even going to attempt anything until volume picks up and we can see some direction, but am I glad that you are around to tell me that? Yes I am! Thanks again Workin, take care man….

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