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  1. Madden Curse is so retarded. Used to be if you are on the cover you're going to get hurt now apparently if you don't win the Super Bowl is because of the curse dumb.

  2. The PC port is garbage right now, game freezes for 5 – 10 seconds after every MUT challenge, haven’t even tried the other game modes because of this

  3. I'm not making my Madden purchase for perfection. I'm not a game developer (and for that) I don't feel the need to overly criticize.

    I want video game football for entertainment and this year's edition looks like it hit the spot.

  4. Did this shit get a fucking 8…. Why do these reviewers continue to give the same game a 8. I call BS. I'm so sick of these fake reviews.

  5. (✔This comment should have over 1,000 likes so I can send to the devs for real change, they need to hear the voices of the real madden Community✔)

    Definitely passing on Madden 20 this year ..not enough content to justify its $60 price tag.

    It's 2019 & EA can't even repeat what they accomplish in 2008 with WAY better tech! Its disrespectful for my PS4 to play Madden. Plus they don't fix anything, they just remove it….thinking that solved the problem.

    That being said:

    Franchise mode looks the same (splashing a new coat of paint & colors on the menu screen & adding Scenario engine isn't enough)
    No TV presentation
    No NFL Network Pre/Post/Halftime shows & its 2019
    No Immersion of what we see on Sundays
    No Huddle (This should be a feature that we can turn on & off based on the player preference)
    No controller configuration
    No Refs! (Yes now this is a complaint that will turn into a feature like the probowl 🙄)(& No I can't get pass the refs not being there. EA fix your game instead of removing things you can't fix…sweeping everything under the rug isn't a step in the right direction! )
    No training Camp
    No mouthpieces
    No sideline reporter
    Ownership mode needs an upgrade!
    No TNF Presentation/Scoreboard
    No SNF Presentation/Scoreboard
    No MNF Presentation/Scoreboard
    No Romo & Nantz
    No Offensive & Defensive Coordinators
    No Coaching Carousel (which EA accomplish in NCAA 14)

    No answers to the real community questions & yet EA want to be praised. Madden 21 should just have results & not excuses!

    Just don't buy Madden 20, let EA feel our words!

  6. That "upgrading your player has had a bit of a rehaul" was in last years game and is just copied over from last year…. only difference is adding abilities if the player is superstar or x factor.

  7. 5/10 at best. This is full of shit for giving it an eight. What are you looking at? The presentation? Because the blocking, pass catching, interceptions and overall animations are still terrible.

  8. Superstar and x factor defensive players are OP… forcing a fumble on every other hit(and every single tackle is a hit stick)… ridiculous numbers like 10 fumbles forced in one game by the same player…

  9. People who support madden are the type to support Russia, North Korea, Syria, ISIS, Nazis, KKK and everything evil.

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