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  1. I came here to see if anything can compare with lightning fast and highly complicated game of melee.
    And sadly nothing can. It’s a shame because after watching competitive melee for so long nothing can duplicate it. It’s so unfortunate that it wasn’t in evo this year. Maybe it will be next year. Until then I will have to settle for a very linear fighting game grand finals experience.

  2. Bonchan you did it man! Sagat is still my favorite to watch but Karin is so much more safe to play. Big Bird was phenomenal, hats off to that guy for the crazy Rashid.

  3. Notice its always the same characters in these finals. Whether its MK, SF, whatever…. the metta is always dominant. Very seldom do I see a wildcard unexpected character.

  4. Bonchan earned this win, so far this season, he's put in that work (and I'm a Fujimura supporter, so saying that takes a lot). Bonchan 4 EVO!
    Edit: I still want SMUG to win Capcom Cup, because all possibilities have already been postulated.Neck Bone Squad.

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