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  1. If they release this as a backwards compatible game or HD Remastered version on Xbox One, I'm gonna be droppin' the money for this game.

  2. An amazing game, everyone should play this, it is beautifully hand crafted and you can tell the guy poured his soul into it. This is what makes gaming beautiful.

  3. Please, I need someone to answer!

    I am having a hard time imagining how a game with open enviroments like this can be a metroidvania. I bought Odallus: The Dark Call because it had the "metroidvania" tag on Steam, and all that it had was levels with some bifurcations and different paths inside the same level… That is not a metroidvania, I have seem the same thing in fanmade Sonic browser games.

    How does Dust: An Elysian Tail work? Is it like Odallus , or is it a metroidvania for real ? Is there a map that you can explore and complete? Do the areas in it have multiple connections between them? How does backtracking work, do you literally walk back (or use teleporters to move between levels) or is there just a menu where you choose to replay a level but now with more abilities than you had the first time?

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