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  1. Wow this is getting really serious!! Will this have any affect of the release date for borderlands 3? And how is this affecting Gearbox?

  2. IF HE TRULY DID WHAT THEY CLAIM then i would have to say what is he expecting from 2k, if anything this is the issue with talking about leaked info, you do run the risk of being targeted. I dont agree with it but companies need to control their brand and they see leaks as a problem.

  3. Why was his Discord account shut down for “cheats, hacks, or cracked accounts” if that’s not what Take Two says he was doing? Kinda sounds like Discord’s terms of service don’t cover what he was doing so they don’t have a legitimate cause for terminating his account.

  4. You can't "sell" intelectual property. If you reveal info or give access to something while monetizing it without the permission of the IP holder you are liable. Youtube got people thinking Independant Property is fair use in every single circumstance. Gamers only like the law when its benefiting them.

  5. I kind of see both sides of this. On one hand it makes 2k look really bad sending investigators to his home.on the other the fact he was selling info about the game months before the announcement probably requires some looking in to.

  6. So, first of all, SupMatto didn't leak anything. Everything he ever talked about has been able to be found online, example, Character Concept Art surfaced on reddit, he JUST talked about it.
    Second of all, even if he "allegedly" leaked stuff, this did NOTHING but generate hype, which is in turn marketing which in turn was done for absolutely free.
    Lastly, let's not forget that the social media of Borderlands 3 had a lot of hiccups, they confirmed the Epic Exclusivity ahead of time, just to name one of them.
    So yeah, you can say all you want, but there's always, at least 2 at fault, and the corpos are the ones who are at fault the most. Don't send PI's to someones private property, when you didn't even officialy and legaly obtained the address of it. T2 did the same thing with the GTAV modder, remember? It's just disgusting, and abuse of power.

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