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  1. And this is probably why Bully 2 won't be released any time soon because it's more than likely a single player game only and you can't make money from a single player game in the eyes of Rockstar and Take-Two…

  2. The sole reason why we are not seeing gta 6 is that rockstar is still making tons of money from gta 5. Stop the micro transactions and I bet we will get gta 6 trailer within a year.

  3. When you give numbers informations put it on screen or articulate or both. Not only US viewers look content on YouTube. I rewind 20+ times to understand "to 540 millions and 300 millions in profit". Dude was like "TwooFuiveHundrenMuliannJdidbeidndj" gosh, inspire you from The Verge damn it.

  4. Not surprised literally everyone that wants GTA and RDR already has it so revenue from game sales themselves will go down compared to micro-transactions

  5. I love microtransactions. Its genius, they get to by-pass every regulation written in the book. Its even legal for children to gamble, imagine that? what an amazing invention. Let me get my cheque book & cash in quickly before regulations catch up.

  6. Soo Take2 is the one that is (possibly) responsible for not letting rockstar patch broken stuff involving the savage nerf and other unfair things that tryhards and griefers take advantage of against grinders.

    ((I honestly dont know if what im saying is very true, i just get the feeling thats what's going on))

  7. They sell ingame currency and recently added a casino for players to gamble their fake money purchased with real money in. But loot boxes are gambling?

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