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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. Nothing is impossible – you should always have a plan B
    The governement already banned owning gold in the past.
    Banning BTC is not impossible – but vpn will provide some help.
    Just wondering how long till the internet is no longer free.
    Problem is the switch from fiat USD to something with a underlying.
    Right now its really getting difficult with all that negative yielding bonds – the financial system is in danger because we never had negative yielding bonds and the economy is now finding out in a live experiment.
    Good luck to us all…

  2. Sunny, i don't comment much but i have to say this: I honestly believe that what you teach to your viewers is scary. If you don't adjust your TA to the price(because price is king) you shoudnt be trading. Him adjusting his chart is a great example of how to adjust to the price. Also, you're confusing long term ta with short term ta

  3. Sunny fair is fair. You took some days off because you were getting so much heat about stuff you said about certain altcoins. You know what it feels like when trolls come after you. It's not cool to come back and create a shit storm for another person.

  4. Kein mobbing bitte , gehört sich nicht …schreib ihn an und sag ihn was er besser machen kann. Mach kein Wettbewerb drauß und helft euch/uns gegenseitig. Kein Kindergarten Hier .Sonst geht fortnite zocken bitte .

  5. I don't like the kid with the rings. Dude is clearly about 20 years old and feels he has to point out to you when he was right and the whole tone is condescending almost. When he changes the rings or explains the rings there's no detail about it. Stop spending time on this kid. If you agree that its not solid trend analysis, I don't know why you show this

  6. We appreciate your videos, but your really take it way too personal. Has anyone offended your family if he thinks BTC will go down? You should keep more cool-headed, I think.

  7. OpticalArt is infinitely smarter than sunny ducree. TA is purely predictive based on the past, and yet you act like you know what is going to happen.

    You are the lowest of the low for pointing out another youtuber who has difference of opinion than you, all you did was drive people to his channel, dumbass.

  8. you forgot to mention the halving in may next year…..that will definitely pump up btc price and keep us on track in preparation for the big bull run

  9. 5:24 I seriously don't understand these people using the Fibonacci circles on bitcoin. Like the BTC news/catalysts are magically going to align with the stars and the golden ratio of the universe. Bro please. 15k subs?? also rocking the windows 2000…. Don't understand.

  10. What makes Telecoin so special. Why is it among the top 15 crypto currencies that surely makes 100times profit but 10 times as of now in the coming months ?

  11. I get what you're both saying. However, technical analysis alone is not enough. It seems to me that with the IRS, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the President of the US speaking out on crypto and now with the possible hack of Binance's KYC data . . . Its all starting to feel like a giant FUD Storm is on the horizon. 😕 Be careful out there.

  12. Oh my god all this crazy TA. Why am I watching this. I look for good non TA content but it seems all stuff on youtube is all TA lately. Just a bunch of noise.

  13. he did make the call from 6k to 3k… Prime example of how all theories are just that and maybe you get lucky and get some right. BTC does what it wants…

  14. That guy is ridiculous with those circles, pitchforks, fibs and all that stuff, how he can even make sense out of it? I guess TA is working because most traders use it, but never seen a one with so much junk thrown onto the chart, maybe that's why his predictions are wrong? Hmm…

  15. In my opinion if TA is working sometimes, that's mean that is not worth it. Then only fundamental analisys is important.

  16. Fucking internet…every moron has a pulpit and a bunch of tards nodding their heads in unison like lemmings

    Circle of retardation is hopefully complete now, yes?

    Now go sit in a corner, dumbass…drawing hundreds of circles and lines and reading it like chicken liver in the medieval times…who dafuq are these ppl listening to this child with his girlfriend washibg dishes in the van?

  17. The sort of TA he's using would only work if other traders are using the same TA, which i very much doubt anyone is. That said, there's some good arguments being made elsewhere for a bear trap up ahead but that's a different story altogether.

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