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  1. It's funny cause we finally managed to perfect smartphones and I think it's convinient and not boring. It's a great time to love smartphones expect if all you care about is changing it every couple of months to get the newest gimmicks

  2. I just hate how long and thin some of them have become. I mean screen dimensions.
    And the lack of expandable storage. And the lack of physical buttons.

    I don't consider myself picky per se… but I miss when phones weren't just really powerful streaming devices.

  3. Wait, why're you comparing the regular Note 10 with the Galaxy S10+ ? The bigger Note 10 has Micro SD Card slot and has a 1440p screen, exactly like the S10+

  4. The things I want to see in new phones are:
    – Bigger batteries., around 5000mAh
    – Proper front facing stereo speakers, but with small bezels.
    – Metal back so it's more durable

    So basically I just want an upgraded ZTE Axon 7, but with smaller bezels and stock software 😜

  5. Honestly to me, I've been considering getting a OnePlus phone and calling it good. Tired of Samsung phones getting laggy within the first year

  6. Don’t forget that using the same phone for several years is much better for the environment then what phone companies want us to do.

  7. Oh god another incorrect video claiming the iPhone lead to all mobile phone designs… no… the industry was obviously heading in this direction, outside of the US we had rather more phone message then the stupid Razr phone! Get of that Apple elitist high horse..

  8. We've been highly focused on design for the last few years for smartphones, but if you think about it, we've been less prone to ask about more performance. Sure, there are clear winners here and there but even gaming phones are kind of just… The same as flagships. We need chipsets to go above and beyond and provide better and better performance now, rather than just incremental ones. I'd like to see AMD, NVidia and Intel to come into the fray and go toe to toe with Qualcomm and provide true competition for performance.

  9. some have notches, new blackberry has a physical keyboard, there's dual screen phones, fold-able, e-ink, pop up camera, flipping camera, replaceable lenses, i could go on

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