Bitcoin (Hidden) 2020 Price Targets! August 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. Appreciate the time you take to upload the content but my gosh you are repeating yourself over and over every video about the golden crosses and scrolling back. If people want to hear it again and again, direct them to previous videos???

  2. Shoot a line from the high of Apr 2013 to the high of Nov 2013 and you'll find that when we recently came down to 9000 we tested that line. The Matrix is real.

  3. I don't know how you can stand Chicago taxes though… and Illinois in general. I'm was born in Dekalb, and went to school there, but man, living in income tax free Florida ever since I got out of the military. I do miss going to Cubs games, but … yeah the taxes.

  4. Hey Krown, I would not place much weight on the network momentum indicator any longer because more and more of the BTC stock is held on exchanges and therefore the price discovery happens on the exchanges now as opposed to the on-chain movements of the past.

  5. Krown, what do you think will be the peak of this bullmarket? 50k, 100k, 300k? And when? Just your opinion or is there a video of yours talking about that? Best Regards from germany ✌🏽

  6. First point, the whales would always manipulate bitcoin so holding on for future would definitely be a disappointment. Secondly, you will never be able to invest at the very bottom of the fall because you are definitely going to miss it, what any smart investor should do is accumulate now and find a working system to use in expanding that portfolio over and over again until the bull run. I got 5 more BTC last month and now, with Ronald Abassid's signals and strategy, i have grown that to 11 BTC already and i intend adding another 3 BTC every other month and growing them so with this strategy, when bitcoin value eventually start skyrocketing, i would have had a very good stock in my portfolio. It is common knowledge that Ronald Abassid's signals and trade strategy are some of the best and speaking with him for the first time 2 months ago gave me a clearer understanding of how to make money and propelled me into this system of his that has really helped me in growing my portfolio. Feel free to contact Mr Ronald for assistance, reach on Email ronaldabassid@gmailcom

  7. I think Ringboy’s capitulation theory makes a lot of sense in terms of the context of this rally. Intuitively this kind of feels like a suckers rally and it would be a great way for exchanges to get out of tether into btc/fiat before the potential black swan event of tether imploding.

  8. The sudden down wick to 11080 we got didn't have a lot of volume behind it unlike all the other historical retests. Do the tests need volume to match the price action to be consider a valid test or just that it got close enough makes it good enough to call it a front run?

  9. Eric, love your evaluations! I like that you mentioned that you can't address all the little vanity posts during it. While I know you greatly love and appreciate your community. We ARE all friends. Is there anyway we can get your site genius to stop the Elizabeth Warren, James Bond and raging bulls in the middle of the screen. I am into your content and it screws up my evaluation of what you are trying to show. Thanks!

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