Bitcoin is on the Cusp of Something MAJOR!

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Bitcoin is on the Cusp of Something MAJOR!


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  1. Bitcoin $16,000 mark is already long overdue but to be on a safe side what I do is I keep accumulating more bitcoin which I have done continuously for quite some time but I came to the realization that the fastest and most effective (cost efficient) way of accumulating and increasing your portfolio is by trading because dollar cost averaging is expensive. I heard of a trader Caleb Easterby who has a unique program that aids other less experienced traders through trade signals and I decided to give his system also a trial, because at that time I was trading with various trade expert looking for the very best. And within a week my investment of 3 Bitcoin grew to 6 Bitcoin and in the process he taught me a lot about trading and from my experience Caleb was the best trader I have ever came across. He can be reached by mail <<calebeasterby1190@gmailcom>> for further inquiries about his system.

  2. Few people understand that a prizm will be a world currency, but soon it will explode the Internet.

    The community unites in prizm, in other currencies each for itself.

  3. I am in cryptocurrency for 7 years, and as soon as PRIZM was launched, I left all cryptocurrencies because I don’t need them anymore when there is a new technology in PRIZM coin mining cryptocurrency

  4. What a subtle humor you have, you sympathize with me, I would like to give you PRIZM coins and all the tools for studying it for your own analysis of the situation. Contact lichku. I am free for you, you are in the first place with me.

  5. Warren buffet called it rat poison squared. Dude below said at time it was 100. So x100 is 10k. Rat poison kills rats, rats being the fiat currency. This is all making sense

  6. Thank you for the video! For the third year now I have been holding a PRIZM coin. It has much more useful features than Litecoin. PRIZM is unique, if only in the fact that coins are multiplied directly in your wallet! Without your participation!

    This is called paramining. And for this you do not need to buy expensive iron and there is no cost of electricity. Prizm is the world's most environmentally friendly coin!

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