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  1. Well, it would seem Sony WH-1000XM3 and Bose QuietComfort 35 II are still the best flagship wireless Bluetooth headphones 😉

  2. Bose: releases headphones specifically built for superior call quality. Unbox Therapy; talks 5 minutes about the Bose app, no word on the microphones. That's the state of YouTube "tech reviewers" right there

  3. You need to test the microphones array on calls on the Bose 700. It's the main selling point of the Bose 700, but I think they didn't emphasize it enough in their marketing material. Sound-wise, I believe the Sony still wins. Noise cancelling both are comparable. But the microphone array on the Bose 700 is night and day difference.

  4. Idk, Bose is letting me down. I bought the Bose sports esr buds and they have a 1 second lag when watching videos. It is annoying and disappointing because they were around 250.00. I am pissed.

  5. You definetley can’t compare these over the ear headphones with sony’s in earbuds its a big ass difference, the sound is completly different be for real

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