Cheap Smartphones Are Getting GOOD – Samsung Galaxy A50 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy A50 might be one of the best budget smartphone launched in 2019. In this review we go beyond an unboxing to run everything from a …


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  1. I have the A8 from last year, my girlfriend has the A70 and my best friend has the A40.
    All great phones!

    I've had A series phones since the first A3 came out in 2015.

    Edit: All 3 of these might not be available everywhere, I live in Europe (Belgium).

  2. Best way is going with last year's flagship.

    For example that a50 use ufs 2.1 but only single lane so not as fast as other 2.1 dual lane devices.

    On flagship?? Even 2years ago galaxy s8 use dual lane ufs 2.1. if you dont care about designs better choose s9 then a50 for sure

  3. If you want a "Camera" then go buy one.. Because that's all the BORING Pixy 3a is.. Boring. Samsung gives Real People "Real Features" Tons of them.. throw in Goodlock and you can match the S10 with pretty much 95% of what it can do.. Xfinity now has the A50 for $349.99 with the FUll Version of Samsung Pay for the U.S… and their A50 uses Verizon's Towers…. That's The Best Ticket… Done.

  4. The A50 and A70 are plague with glitches and problems its not even worth getting. The AOD doesn't work properly after the last update. The Fingerprint scanner is around 70% hit or miss with up to 3 tries before it lands. Fast-charging is also an issue where the software flips between regular charge, 15w and 25w charging. The phone is pretty much a mess and more updates are needed. But the good thing is the phones cost $150 and under. For such a price your getting midrange specs and a brand name device unlike phones off aliexpress. However you can get a S10 for around $400-500 brand new full cost or even a S9 which is much better at $200. If you need the bigger screen get the A70 otherwise skip the A50.

  5. Pixel 3a is actually a perfect somewhat mid range budget phone for day to day uses

    – Headphone Jack
    – No notch
    – Simple software
    – Guarantee support from Google
    – Amazing camera

  6. Watching this on the a50 and i must be honest.. I love this phone but the only thing… THE ONLY THING I hate about this phone is the fingerprint sensor. It's slow as f**k!

  7. Cheap phones have been good for a long time now. Mainstream te h reviewers just ignored them because they were too busy hyping the latest quad HD flagship that cost $1000 with mediocre battery life, and features mst people didn't care about.

  8. Why is it so hard to find out if this phone runs on MetroPCS without any issues, I've read on some forums here and there that it doesn't support the 4G LTE from Metro….Can anyone confirm??

  9. I've been using the A50 for a few months now and mostly it has been great. I'm a bit disappointed with the cameras though. The wide angle is trash and the main camera tends to overexpose. Not much detail either. But the screen and the battery life is great, fingerprint reader is ok and performance is good enough for my casual use.

  10. "getting good" hahaha. They have been good for a few years now. People are just slow to realize.

    I know it's just a clickbait title, but still.

  11. Good to see cheaper phones getting some love but using Samsung models feels like the other manufacturers are getting ignored. Been using Motorola for 5 years now and their Moto series is awesome and even less expensive than the A50. Let's get some other manufacturers in the mix.

  12. I saw one of those at work recently & literally couldn't get it connected to our wifi even though I work in IT. It's the only mobile I saw an issue with too, may have had a faulty wifi chip or something hardware related (was running on latest OS). Aside from that I liked everything else about it, UI felt average but I'm used to my Pixel

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