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  1. Is dji ever going to release a drone in 2019? Or better yet drop their prices since they have real competition now that’s a lot cheaper.

    Zino $299 4k drone for spark (1080) price point.
    Fimi x8 SE mavic pro 1 camera and gimbal specs but 50% off the price. Is the sensor worth $500 I don’t think so.
    Evo mavic 2 competition. Obviously the mavic 2 is better but only slightly. But evo is cheaper and no no-fly zone nonsense.

  2. i agree with you, some people don't like to do work for a free or small amount of payment. they always think all the hard work, the tools they use the time they spent for a certain job. so they want to be paid instead for a free recognition.. sorry my english is bad

  3. Let’s talk about spec work and for exposure culture: The truth is, I don’t know how to pay for my health insurance, because I’ve been working for free too much in the last few years. I‘m an artist and have around 1-3 exhibitions every year and have published my work on 3 different continents, mostly for free with the occasional paid article in between. Lots of for exposure work because I thought it would open doors and eventually lead to getting paid for some of the work I do. I can’t remember when I last took a holiday or even a full weekend. And you know, I‘m not half bad at what I do. I just had my work in a photo Festival and the show got picked up by a gallery. Only problem is, the stuff doesn’t sell, because not all good art goes with the sofa. I do look awfully „successful“, from the outside and get more than enough exposure, yet I have to edit my videos on a 10 year old borrowed computer, because all that exposure won‘t pay for a new one. The exposure certainly won’t pay my health insurance. I used to work as a graphic designer before it became next to impossible to get paid in that industry – spec work, excessively late pay etc. – , so I could submit something to your little spec work competition, but judging by the below industry rate cash prize you offer for the logo, even you hiring me for odd jobs wouldn’t solve that problem long term. I could maybe buy a new computer, although I doubt those health insurance people would accept a Matti shout-out 🤷‍♀️ So, I‘d have to pay them first and then nothing would change at all for me, except that I would have the odd below industry rate jobs to keep me barely paying those health insurance people. And you know, lots of talented kids out there, so who says you’d even like my work? Maybe all I’d get is a shout-out or not even that. So, should I gamble on your spec work offer right now on the off chance that I might get some more exposure that might not solve anything at all, or go find something that pays my bills in some sort of guaranteed way? Freelance artist realities …

  4. I understand the rush to cover a new product, so it's cool that everyone is reviewing this gimbal today. but if Moment again flies every single person I follow on YouTube and Instagram to promote a new product and then everyone posts a video about that trip in the same 24-hour period I'm un-following the lot of you. I'm not that damn excited about new products to stay loyal to creators who all make and release sponsored content as part of one company's marketing push. I don't care how "cool" the company is.

  5. first, another great video. just got the email from DJI that this was released, gasped at the price cause, i mean, $120 bucks? love seeing them stay competitive especially with Zhiyun who makes great gimbals for a great price. And naturally I head here to see your thoughts.

    With that, ehhhhh, I'm not sure your example for your contest is the best example. Because the final films created for the competitions aren't being used for explicit branding/commercial purposes (unless whoever is putting on the competition is doing so to look for the best brand/commercial film to be used by the company/brand).

    Whereas you're asking people to create logos for explicit branding purposes. In order for your example to fit, in my opinion, it would be if this was a graphic design channel and you’re doing a graphic design competition where the best design wins because of the design itself and not because it will be used for branding/commercial purposes. That’s when I would equate that to a film festival.

    But you hit the nail on the head. If a client relationship started with spec work and the client continued to want to only do spec work, then that’s a definite no no. they’re essentially exploiting 1. You as a professional and 2. The working relationship as a whole (I’ve had this done to me). And I think that’s where I can see how professional designers may not enjoy the idea of this sort of competition because it does tend to lead to exploitative behavior.

    Nevertheless, we all need to remember that you’re a small business/brand. And I agree that this can be a great opportunity for one small business/brand to help another while still getting paid.

    It’s not like you’re doing what some ‘influencers’ do and ask for free work in exchange for ‘exposure’ lol

  6. I've snipped off a broken & locked-on filter by a) carefully breaking out the glass and b) carefully snipping the filter with sharp metal snips down to the lens. The filter then became flexible enough to just pull off (carefully). another time I broke out the glass and used small Griplok pliers to grab the filter and unscrew it. I scratched the lens metal, though in a way that didn't harm the functionality but made it look battered.

    there's lots of glass and glass dust involved. It's not for the squeamish. and you can mess up your lens too.

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