Red Matter Is The BEST Looking Game On Oculus Quest

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I check out Red Matter on Oculus Quest. Red Matter is easily the best looking game on Oculus Quest to date. Red Matter originally launched on Oculus Rift in …


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  1. Definitely plan on adding this title on day one. Also awaiting the delivery of Time Stall around the same time. What to play first!? Nice to have that dilemma and I really hope the pace of new releases begins to pick up.

  2. I just got a quest and its so good😃 the games i have right now are beat saber, superhot VR, job simulator, Rec Room and vader immortal. I love all of them😂 im probably gonna get this game too when it comes out👍🏻

  3. I'll be experimenting with the fovalated rendering using side quest turn it down see how it effects performance along with the super sampling too …im such a nerd !

  4. I have no idea why, but I'm kinda getting Fallout vibes here, I think it's the sound effects. Aaaanyway, thanks Mike, this looks fun, A quick question, will you be doing the Dr. Who edge of time when it arrives? I hope there's no weeping Angels in it, I nearly choked on a doughnut when I experienced my first Angel jump scare on TV, on VR ….. Jesus.

  5. Hey guys so like I returned my oculus quest Friday before last, and I’m not unhappy I did, many problems. However there is 1 thing I really miss. Watching movies n YouTube in VR so I was wondering is there a stand alone VR headset that Is fairly priced that has good eye resolution but just for streaming not gaming like the oculus had Display resolution: 1440 x 1600 per eye, and movies looked great so anyone know of anything ?

  6. I getting a oculus quest soon this is probably one of the first games I get thank you Mike keep up the great content 👍 the gameplay was good I hope by the time I get my quest it is in the oculus store

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