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  1. Props for defending against that ridiculous Iron Maiden Holdings Company lawsuit!
    It's absolutely not a MIDI soundtrack, though. It's a MOD soundtrack.
    And subversion is overrated. This game is refreshing.

  2. Things that are said in this video:

    -Game is difficult.

    -Game has infinite quicksaving.

    I guess difficulty is defined by how often the player is shown an animation of the avatar dying, no matter what that actually means in the context of the game.

  3. Soundtrack isn't midi, it's tracker (like the original Unreal, Deus Ex, or the old Amiga games). Before games could playback MP3s or whatever, they'd come with a small sample library and the game would trigger those samples in a pattern to make the music. The other way was MIDI, which played back patterns on a synth on your sound card, typically an FM synth same as Sega Genesis. You can also use MIDI patterns to play a sampler, which is similar to trackers and is how 90's hiphop was made.

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