3D Virtual Reality Is the Best Storytelling Technology We've Ever Had

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  1. God forbid you learn to use imagination. or learn how to decifer charecters and make word pictures in your head. Only a fool believes computers are the be all to all.

  2. I think that it would be a good idea to combine Google Street View with VR technologies so that people could experience the world from their living room before doing the trip. maybe they need to make 360 stop/motion like photos about 30 f/s and convert it to a moving VR experience 😀 maybe they are doing it right now who knows

  3. Right before he started talking about GTA I was thinking about how what he was saying sounded like RPG storytelling, and then he hit the nail on the head with his next point. This makes me wonder what stories will be like in 100 years, especially with the rise of VR. Perhaps the "RPG mindset" will not only affect gaming VR but also change reporting, learning, television, and the other areas he mentioned.

  4. Something interesting David Foster Wallace said –

    "So as the Internet grows in the next 10, 15 years… and virtual reality pornography becomes a reality, we're gonna have to develop some real machinery inside our guts… to turn off pure, unalloyed pleasure. Or, I don't know about you, I'm gonna have to leave the planet. 'Cause the technology is just gonna get better and better. And it's gonna get easier and easier… and more and more convenient and more and more pleasurable… to sit alone with images on a screen… given to us by people who do not love us but want our money. And that's fine in low doses, but if it's the basic main staple of your diet, you're gonna die."

  5. How would the speaker convey this message by fracturing linearity, adding multiple choices, etc? Better or worse?

    Better storytelling isn't as about more data in, though context does help, not refuting completely, but about story itself. Writers are picky and off put by VR because their main concern is the structure of text, words, language, which is the MAIN medium of, go wonder, storytelling.

    So, VR is awesome tech, let's keep playing and have open minds but it might very well be that great stories will still come from writers, not programers and artists. They may very well adapt them books, with lot's of proven success and failure, in the end it's all about quality. Let's not lose north…

  6. "Storytelling technology". What a bullshit term. The most basic form of storytelling, the novel, is still the best, the most in-depth, and the least boring. Why would I want to live a VR world, taking in all the minutiae of life with no real direction, when I could read, say, Charles Bukowski, or Ernest Hemingway? They didn't write big action explosion fests or soppy romantic crap or wizard stories, they wrote about life and they wrote about it in honest, authentic, and interesting ways. Technology can't and shouldn't replace that.

  7. I highly recommend anyone interested in VR to listen to the Ready Player One audiobook, it's a near-future story about a perfectly technological VR-internet called the OASIS that mixes gaming and 80's culture (really well read by Will Wheaton). Or just wait for the movie version being directed by Steven Spielberg in a year or two.

  8. What the fuck are these comments? Is everyone here high? Like 20% of them are even tangentially related to the topic of the video, and even most of those make no sense at all. I fell like I'm going insane.

  9. If they make VR versions of classic horrors you'd be able to see where the killer is hiding quiet often. It would add to the atmosphere and projected sense of fear. But VR porn is where it's at

  10. VR will definitely blur the lines between cinema and video games – Once gaming graphics become indistinguishable from reality, 360 cameras will be obsolete so I think the biggest push towards VR will come from the gaming industry and not from films.

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